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Grgin dol, Požega’s renowned restaurant and lodging, affectionately called “Grga” is situated just a step away from the historical city centre, at the site which once housed the city’s shooting range – where good time and even better food accompanied the sport since the 19th century. Today, it is a recognised destination of satisfied guests and a favourite venue for people of Požega looking for fresh air, good time and excellent food.

Rising from the hills covered with Požega vineyards where gentle breeze blows through crowns of chestnut and linden trees, Grgin dol is surrounded by the nature. It is ideally placed for your leisure, dining with your families, friends and business partners as well as to organise all types of events.

It was started in early 1960s with reconstruction of the City Shooting Association building. Since 1874, its shooting range and tennis courts attracted locals and guests looking for special dishes and leisure activities.

Discretely positioned with its own parking area, top offer of food and select wines, the Grgin dol restaurant and lodging is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and it represents an ideal choice for all types of private and business functions, parties and business meetings.



Hotel Grgin dol

Grgin Dol 20, HR-34000 Požega,Hrvatska


+ 385 (0)34/273-222

+ 385 (0)98/913-9308

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